The unique properties and benefits of ceramic dental implants

At Nashua Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, PLLC, we prepare, plan, and restore dental implants in a way that complements our ultimate mission of supporting and sustaining healthy smiles and the well-being of our patients across southern New Hampshire. While most dental practices only offer implants made from titanium, our dentists also offer a highly biocompatible ,aesthetic, and lasting alternative to this metal: ceramic dental implants. 


An introduction to modern dental prosthetics

Each dental implant is a cylinder-shaped part of a replacement tooth. The implant replaces a vital component of healthy natural teeth — its root. Conventional forms of tooth replacement, like fixed dental bridges and removable “partials” or complete dentures, don’t replace the roots of the teeth.

Because implant-retained crowns, bridges, and dentures include “artificial tooth roots,” these systems provide optimal support, comfort, durability, and satisfaction to the patient.  

What to expect

To function like a tooth root, each implant must first be surgically placed in the jawbone. This procedure is tolerated well by most patients and performed by an oral surgeon with whom our dentists work closely. Once the implants needed to complete your smile are placed in the jaw, they will “osseointegrate” to neighboring, surrounding bony tissue. This is a natural and safe process that provides a stable foundation for the restoration – be it a crown for one tooth or a bridge or denture to replace many teeth. 

The beauty of ceramic – and so much more!

The “traditional” titanium implant is a medical-grade metal that has been used for a long time in everything from hip replacement to knee surgery. While titanium is lightweight and incredibly strong, we like to provide options to our patients.

Ceramic dental implants may be preferred due to their: 

  • Seamless aesthetics – Materials like dental ceramics mimic the natural appearance and shade of the teeth. In turn, no gray or dark color shows up in the smile. Ceramics are appropriate for patients with gummy tissue that is thin and might otherwise be vulnerable to discoloration caused by darker-hued titanium implants
  • Utmost biocompatibility and safety – Ceramics promote fast, predictable attachment of the surrounding tissues to the implant. They encourage healthy healing and are well-suited to patients with concerns about or a history of adverse reactions and sensitivity to metals
  • Premium strength –Ceramics may be beautiful, but they are not delicate. Some studies show systems made from a high-performance ceramic called zirconia are stronger than high-grade No. 4 titanium metal implants. They truly provide the best in aesthetics and durability that supports sustained health, function, and patient satisfaction

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