Dental Bridges

Tooth loss is a serious problem that has long-term effects on your smile and your oral health. Depending on the extent of tooth loss, general health and wellbeing may also be adversely affected. At Nashua Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, P.L.L.C., patients have options for care that suits their unique needs. We are pleased to provide affordable, lifelike dental bridges for the restoration of function and cosmetic beauty.

Dental Bridges Before and After

What Is A Dental Bridge?

Just as it sounds, the dental bridge is a prosthetic that bridges a gap between two teeth. Before it is inserted, the bridge will look similar to a partial denture, minus the “gums.” The difference between the bridges we design and partial dentures is that the bridge is a fixed prosthetic, whereas the partial is removable.

Fixed bridges are made in a dental lab from precision specifications provided by our office. We must ensure that the bridge looks good, is stable, and that it fits well against opposing teeth. We do this with imaging and impressions, which are used in the dental lab during the fabrication of the final restoration. Two dental crowns are made along with one or more pontics, or artificial teeth. Individual “teeth” are fused together to form a solitary piece which will be able to handle the force of biting and chewing.

After the initial visit during which we take impressions and images, a second visit is scheduled for the evaluation and insertion of the final restoration. Assessment includes the confirmation of functional bite as well as the cosmetic appearance of the bridge. Once cemented onto the two anchor teeth, the bridge can remain fully stabilized for fifteen years or more.

Fixed bridges have been used successfully for many decades. With quality materials, precision design, and strong adhesive materials, today’s bridges look and feel very much like natural teeth. It is important to take proper care of the fixed bridge in order to maintain functionality and comfort. Oral care includes specific brushing and flossing techniques in which the underside of the pontic is adequately cleaned. Using a special flossing tool, debris, plaque and bacteria are removed, decreasing the risk of cavities and inflammation around the prosthetic.

Dental bridges let you smile with confidence

Dental bridges let you smile with confidence
This brief video is packed with information on the dental bridge procedure. This non-surgical treatment replaces one or several missing teeth, restoring ability to eat, speak, and smile with self-assurance.
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