Restore the health, beauty of your smile: Get to know ozone therapy in Nashua, NH

Ozone therapy is an excellent complement to the other biological techniques, products, and treatments offered at Nashua Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry. Ozone is a beneficial “adjunct” or addition to many dental preventive and restorative procedures and treatments that have a nice “cosmetic” side effect for our patients in and around Nashua, NH.

Get to know ozone therapy

Ozone explained 

Ozone is most frequently associated with that layer of the atmosphere that protects the Earth from the sun’s intense radiation. However, this colorless gas has also been used for hundreds of years in a wide range of medical treatments. Literature from the mid-19th century noted that more than 100 diseases, from digestive to skin disorders, responded to the application of ozone. The medical community has long embraced it for its antibacterial and healing properties. 

Ozone may be applied as a liquid or gas to non-invasively and conservatively sterilize and eradicate bacteria and other pathogens. The “magic” of ozone is in its status as a “reactive” or “energized” form of oxygen that contains three atoms. During the process of “shaking off” the extra atom, ozone disrupts the cellular envelops of harmful, decay- and disease-producing bacteria. The immune system is activated as more oxygen is released, producing a positive immune response that supports fast healing. Ozone also presents an alternative to overused antibiotics. Due to their widespread use, some bacterial strains are now antibiotic-resistant. 

Ozone at the dentist’s office 

Ozone is a safe, biocompatible addition to many dental treatments. Here are just a few of the ways that our dentists use this “powerful medicine”:

  • As a disinfectant to prevent tooth decay
  • To treat chronic gum infections and restore periodontal health 
  • To preserve a natural tooth by preventing the spread of deep infections 
  • As a way to relieve the discomfort associated with tooth sensitivity
  • To promote the mineralization of the teeth, reversing early-stage enamel erosion
  • Treatment of other oral infections 

Ozone is so safe that it is an appropriate treatment for children! It is also a great alternative to other products and therapies among patients with sensitivities or allergies that may preclude them from “conventional” treatments. We look forward to introducing you to our gentle, time-tested, and natural approach to dentistry. Contact us today at (855) 363-3793 to schedule your appointment.