The importance of regular dental exams and checkups at our Nashua, NH office

“Biological” refers to the study and science of “life,” or “bio” in Greek. So, as biological dentists, all the materials, products, techniques, and technologies that we use support the health of natural living tissues. It makes sense, then, that Nashua Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry prioritizes preventive dentistry. Dental exams and checkups at our office in Nashua, NH, are a cornerstone of dentistry that protects the teeth, gums, and other oral structures from disease, decay, and other disorders. 

The importance of regular dental exams and checkups

Routine care for one-of-a-kind smiles 

At least once every six months, we encourage patients to visit us for their regular “checkup.” During this checkup, our dentists visually inspect for signs of decay, gum disease, or other problems. They will also “screen” for abnormalities that may indicate the presence of oral cancers. For hidden decay and other irregularities that cannot be detected with the naked eye, we use advanced digital radiography (x-rays) and intraoral cameras. These technologies non-invasively render clear images of the inside of your mouth and associated structures. Images can be shared immediately with you, and we can zoom in and adjust them to more clearly “see” issues. 

Sophisticated diagnostic technologies facilitate proactive, effective treatment. Since most oral problems are not painful early into the disease process, you may think your mouth is healthy. Gum disease, for instance, may have progressed significantly by the time you are aware of a potential problem. Additionally, dentists need to have technologies on-site that produce clear images. The better the images, the greater the odds that we will arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Accurate diagnoses result in effective treatment plans; oral tissues respond predictably to interventions that are designed to address the specific diagnosis at hand. 

During these checkups, our professionals will also apply their knowledge and skill to remove plaque build-up and bacteria. Your mouth feels so much cleaner and looks better as surface stains are also removed. Remember: a toothbrush and floss cannot remove stubborn plaque or tartar. This task requires special instruments in qualified hands. 

Schedule your checkup today! Call (855) 363-3793. We recognize that every patient is different. So, if you have risk factors such as smoking, we may recommend that you visit us more often.