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Nov 09

A dentist’s toolkit would not be complete without options to lift stains and brighten dull, yellow, discolored teeth. Professional teeth whitening in Nashua, NH at the office of Dr. Amanda Smith is an affordable, predictable, safe, and fast alternative to OTC products that don’t make a difference in the color of your teeth, or that […]

Jun 02

Have strips, kits, toothpastes, and other off-the-shelf products failed to live up to their promises of far brighter, whiter teeth? Were you unable to tolerate whitening trays designed to fit all mouths? If you did not get results from commercial treatments or they caused discomfort, you have come to the right place for effective, safe, […]

Aug 16

With the proven KöR® teeth whitening system, Nashua Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry provides both in-office and home whitening options to suit every budget, need, lifestyle, and goal! If you want a dramatically whiter smile fast, In-office teeth whitening can get results in about an hour. Once our team of exceptional doctors determines your teeth and […]